Sustainability Colour Carpets
Sustainability Colour Carpets

Reduced CO2 footprint

At COLOUR CARPETS we have a special focus on the development of environmentally friendly solutions in the hospitality and marine industries and we always do our best to contribute to this.

We strive to integrate environmental considerations into all production processes, and we are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint by aiming for carpet production that is powered by energy from renewable sources.

We want to contribute to increased sustainability and resource management and therefore always do our utmost to take a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

Certified sustainability

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is one of the most recognised product standards in the field and a vision for a world where we can benefit our planet without cutting back on consumption and welfare, and where consumption and production have a positive impact not only on the economy, but also on the environment and people.

In a Cradle to Cradle world, we design products and structures in society so that all materials are healthy for their environment and can enter into a repeated cycle.

This means, among other things, that waste is recycled or becomes a resource for something completely new in healthy biological and technical cycles.

Being Cradle to Cradle certified TM requires continuous improvement of products and processes and therefore we are constantly committed to take the right steps.

Cradle To Cradle Colour Carpets certificate
Woven carpets with pattern

It is a pursuit of ambitions defined in five categories:

  • Material health:
    Produce carpets from materials that can be used in new repeated cycles.
  • Material recycling:
    Design carpets made from components that can be recycled or that leave only a minimum of waste.
  • Renewable energy:
    Reduction of carbon footprint and 100% commitment to use energy from renewable sources.
  • Water management:
    Discharge of water from production that is of potable quality, so that local water resources are protected.
  • Social justice:
    Ensure fair working conditions at all stages of the supply chain and meet recognised standards of social responsibility.

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