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Tom Møller Jørgensen is CEO and co-founder of COLOUR CARPETS ApS.

Tom Møller Jørgensen was the second generation of the family business Hammer Carpets, founded in 1948 by Tom’s father Sigfred Møller Jørgensen and Johannes Jensen.

Hammer Carpets developed, produced and sold textile floor coverings in wool yarns and synthetic yarns for the consumer and contract market. In the contract market, the focus area and primary segment was 4 and 5 star hotels and the cruise industry.

In 2014 Tom sold 51% of Hammer Carpets to Eget Carpets and subsequently in 2021 the last 49% as part of a generational change.
Tom Møller Jørgensen has 45 years of experience with the carpet factory Hammer Carpets.

Lisbeth Meldgaard Larsen has more than 25 years of experience in the carpet industry. She has mainly dealt with logistics, purchasing and customer support.

Henrik Jensen is director and co-founder of COLOUR CARPETS ApS.

Henrik Jensen started his career at Tæppeland and subsequently worked as head of Ilva’s carpet department in Aarhus. In 1996 Henrik joined Egetæpper, where he worked for 8 years as sales manager in the contract market. Later Henrik joined Hammer Carpets, where he built up the b2b market throughout Denmark.

Henrik Jensen has 30 years of experience in sales and trade within the contract market of floor coverings.

Henrik and Tom have been working together since 2010 and have made several successful businesses together – not only in the carpet industry but also as contractors and real estate developers.

Their new baby is COLOUR CARPETS.


Tom Møller Jørgensen
Adm. Director
T. +45 11 22 33
E. tmj@colourcarpets.dk


Henrik Jensen
T. +45 25 43 60 00
E. hj@colourcarpets.dk

Lisbeth Meldgaard Larsen
Internal sales support
E. lml@colourcarpets.dk

Jannike Toftegaard
E. jt@colourcarpets.dk

+45 25 43 60 00

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