CC Colortec - Collection with tuff technology


CC COLORTEC is based on modern tufting technology. We produce carpets with the same type of pre-dyed wool yarns as woven carpets and our yarn blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon gives the carpets a woven look while ensuring the carpets great colour richness and ample opportunity for detailed designs with great colour depth.

We offer specially designed carpet solutions in qualities suitable for all areas – whether it’s smaller spaces or high traffic areas, we can offer a professional solution. Our integrated felt backing ensures improved acoustics, high walking comfort and an easy installation process that ultimately saves both time and money.

CC Colortec is characterised not only by long life and high design flexibility but also by a special focus on sustainability and responsible consumption – all without having to limit the possibilities of aesthetics and design. CC Colortec is Cradle to Cradle certified.

CC Colortec

  • unlimited design possibilities with up to 7 colours
  • 220 standard colours
  • pre-dyed yarn in 80/20 wool blend
  • qualities in 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700 and 2000 g/m2
  • 400 or 500 cm carpet width
  • 300 g integrated felt backing, 500 g integrated felt backing or textile backing
  • high output production
CC Axminster - Collection with woven carpet quality


This rug is a premium quality rug produced in a woven rug quality with pre-dyed yarn in an 80/20 wool blend. CC CONTRACT AXMINSTER has a high performance that gives a great luxurious feeling and is therefore particularly suitable for larger presentable areas such as main halls, foyers, corridors and restaurants. We offer a flexible range of looms – all equipped with electronic jacquards that provide unlimited design possibilities. The width of the weave allows for optimisation of carpet consumption and ultimately installation costs.

CC Contract Axminster

  • unlimited design possibilities with up to 7 colours
  • more than 200 standard colours
  • pre-dyed yarn in 80/20 wool blend
  • qualities in 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900, 2100 and 2300 g/m2
  • 100 to 400 cm loom widths
CC Graffic - Collection of graphic tufted carpets


These rugs are produced with modern tufting technology. Graffic has many of the same features as CC Colortec quality but without quite the same design options. Like woven rugs, graphic tufted rugs use pre-dyed wool yarns, but are not printed. They have a woven look with great colour transparency and a high output production.

CC Graffic, like our Colortec grade, has an integrated felt backing which optimises installation and reduces costs.

CC Graffic

  • design options with up to 4 colours
  • 220 standard colours
  • pre-dyed yarn in 80/20 wool blend
  • qualities in 1100, 1200, 1300, 1500 and 1700 g/m2
  • 400 or 500 cm carpet width
  • 300 g or 500 g integrated felt backing
CC Twist - Collection with combination of hard twisted and velvet yarn


Here is an elegant rug with a special 3D effect that differs from other luxurious rugs by combining hard twisted yarn and normal velvet yarn. This gives the carpet a unique glossy finish that makes CC TWIST perfect for hotel rooms and stylish suites.


  • design options with up to 7 colours
  • qualities from 1100 g/m2 to 1500 g/m2
  • 400 or 500 cm carpet width
  • 300 g or 500 g integrated felt backing
CC Hand tufted rugs - Collection with different wool combinations


This rug is available in many different materials such as 100% wool, silk, viscose and in countless combinations that ensure an extraordinary feeling of comfort and luxury.

CC Hand tufted carpets add warmth and comfort to a room while creating coherence between the room’s colours and décor. Hand tufted rugs in interior design not only act as relief rugs in rooms where the floors have hard surfaces such as wood, concrete and tiles, but also as a special artistic element that adds to the space. The side benefit of using area rugs is a rug that absorbs noise extremely well.

CC Axminster and CC Colortec can also be produced as area rugs and have in common that they can be cut into special shapes and can be supplied with a range of edge finishes to suit different styles and interiors.

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