Wool blends

Wool blends make carpets much more durable

By using the finest qualities of British and New Zealand wool, we get a combination that gives the best results, both in terms of expression and strength. Our 80/20 blend of wool and nylon significantly improves wear performance.

This gives us the most durable carpet composition for use in high traffic areas such as cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and cinemas.

Wool Blends Colour Carpets

Dark wool blend
Light wool blend

Suitable for carpet production

By using a combination with a high wool content, wool carpets retain their appearance for longer, as the wool has a built-in spiral shrinkage in the wool fibre, giving it a natural ability to bounce back – making walkways appear less worn and furniture marks less visible.


  • British wool is inherently hard, making it particularly suitable for rug making.
  • New Zealand wool has a purity and whiteness that allows us to achieve lighter and more delicate shades as well as a high colour clarity.

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